Dr. Kristina Andrijauskaite presented VPS transplant data at the American Transplant Congress in Boston in June.
The abstract can be found here: Novel Portable Hypothermic Cardiac Preservation Device Enhances Cardiac Viability and Function of the Isolated Porcine Hearts - ATC Abstracts (
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The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation - April 2022
Novel Portable Hypothermic Cardiac Preservation Device Extends Cardiac Viability and Function Beyond the Standard of Care Using Isolated Porcine Hearts
Rafael J. Veraza, Kristina Andrijauskaite, Riley P. Lopez, Exal E. Cisneros, Israel J. Jessop, Michelle D. Watt, Leonid Bunegin
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Journal of Transplantation Technologies & Research – January 2021
24-Hour Rat Hind Limb Preservation Using a 3D-Printed Subnormothermic Portable Machine Perfusion Device
Rafael J Veraza, Jaclyn Merlo, Jerry Gelineau and Leonid Bunegin*
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The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery – May 2022
Proof of Concept Study for a Closed Ex-Vivo Limb Perfusion System for 24-hour Subnormothermic Preservation Using Acellular Perfusate
Veraza, Rafael J. PhD; Lopez, Riley BS; Parry, Olivia MD; Sleeter, Justin MD; Cano, Isabella BS; Bohara, Udipta BS; Merlo, Jaclyn BS; Jessop, Israel MSE; Weitzel, Erik MD; Bunegin, Leonid BS
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