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VPS Receives First Human Heart

Through the enormous generosity of a donor, and through a partnership with the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance, VPS recently received its first human heart for testing, and the results were extraordinary.

VPS Successfully Preserves Heart For 24 Hours

Hearts are viable outside the body for only 4 to 6 hours, but the VPS team has successfully demonstrated the VP.S ENCORE™ device can extend the time to transport a heart and maintain its viability based on preclinical porcine animal studies. The differences between a control heart (ice cooler preservation) and a heart preserved in the VP.S ENCORE™ device are presented in the following video.


The VP.S ENCORE™ Device is designed to extend the viability of organs outside the body beyond the current standard of care (SOC) which uses ice cooling.

The VP.S ENCORE™ Device, with patents pending, has received the Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA. The Breakthrough Device Designation is designed to facilitate communications between the company and the FDA and ideally accelerate a device to market.

The VP.S ENCORE™ is a platform device that will eventually extend to preservation of other organs and vascularized tissue, allow for development of ex vivo therapies, and ideally provide a foundation for organ banking in the future.

Why the VP.S ENCORE™ Device Is Transformational.

The VP.S ENCORE™ device is designed to maintain the viability of organs outside the body while extending the transport time and distance traveled from the donor hospital to the recipient transplant center. With the recently revised organ sharing requirements, the distance organs can be retrieved can be up to 500 miles necessitating improved organ preservation technology to allow the extended transport time. Improved organ transport systems such as the VP.S ENCORE™ device are designed to meet the challenge of transporting donor organs over the extended distances for organ retrieval.

The impact in developing the VP.S ENCORE™ device promises to be significant once data are gathered to demonstrate that this technology can expand the donor pool, result in optimized organ matching with less rejection.


How The VP.S ENCORE™ Device Is Different:

Preclinical Testing of VP.S ENCORE™ Device Compared to Standard of Care (SOC) Ice Cooled Technology

Preclinical testing using ex vivo human and porcine organs demonstrated favorable results when the VP.S ENCORE™ device was directly compared against the SOC control device (ice cooler). Assessments of tissue viability including parameters such as lactate reduction, enhanced contractility, reduced inflammation, and cell death were compared for the VP.S ENCORE™ device versus the SOC ice cooler method. The preclinical results suggest the VP.S ENCORE™ device resulted in superior performance compared to the current SOC in all tests that compared maintaining tissue viability.


The VP.S ENCORE™ device is designed to facilitate transportation with an outer housing the size of carry-on luggage. By comparison, competing technologies that utilize blood as the perfusate are large and cumbersome requiring special transport vehicles.


Easy To Use

The VP.S ENCORE™ system includes a single-use disposable component that operates with a nutrient-rich solution (perfusate) that is readily available in any hospital. The system is designed to operate in environments with temperatures up to 40 °C and to withstand passenger aircraft cabin pressures.

In addition, the VP.S ENCORE™ device has a rugged design that is easy to transport, and should the device fail for any reason, the device reverts to the standard of care (static cooling).


The Next Round of Research

VPS is preparing to initiate preclinical animal heart transplant studies with the Texas Heart Institute, a world leader in heart procedures and innovation.

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Here you can read about some of our early investigation and technology development.
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For those that are interested in learning more about the state of the art in machine perfusion for kidneys, the following article is available:
Machine perfusion preservation versus static cold storage for deceased donor kidney transplantation - Tingle, SJ - 2019 | Cochrane Library

This paper, authored by the inventor of VP.S ENCORE™, illustrates the advantages of oxygenated perfusion. We are excited to note that the VP.S technology is quite different from what is illustrated in this paper. It is much more efficient, and represents a dramatic improvement in the ability of the device to keep organs and limbs alive. Patent applications are pending.
Novel portable hypothermic pulsatile perfusion preservation technology: Improved viability and function of rodent and canine kidneys